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Do you need expert guidance to optimize your HR function and elevate your employee experience?
Lions Financial’s HR consulting services provide a people-focused and data-driven approach to help businesses solve complex HR challenges. Our expertise in HR consulting supports Venture-backed start-ups during their growth phase and mature companies during Mergers and Acquisitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in working with leadership teams in transition, at times of growth, with diversity needs, Mergers, and Acquisitions.
We cater to start-up founders, executives, CFOs, COOs, Venture Capital, private equity firms, and companies going through major transitions.
Our work process includes surveying, gaining insight, recommending, and executing a customized strategy for your business needs.
Consultants often employ a risk assessment framework that integrates both quantitative and qualitative dimensions. Quantitatively, advanced financial model simulations are used to estimate the financial implications of various HR scenarios. Qualitatively, cultural assessment tools and conduct stakeholder interviews to gauge the compatibility of organizational cultures. A comprehensive risk matrix is then developed for HR, prioritizing actions needed based on the potential financial and operational impacts.
Third-party HR consultants bring an invaluable layer of objectivity and specialized knowledge. In the due diligence process conducting a gap analysis in areas such as talent management, compensation structures, and organizational culture. It is important to quantify intangibles like cultural fit and employee engagement, which may not be easily discernible from financial statements. This work adds a layer of risk mitigation, by identifying potential liabilities that could impact valuation or cause post-merger disintegration.
Post-M&A, HR facilitates cultural integration a top-down approach. Leadership alignment should be the initial focus, followed by middle-management and finally, the operational staff. Culture-mapping exercises can be invaluable in this context, as well as utilizing strategic organizational change management methodologies. Regular communication is essential, and so is the establishment of shared values and objectives that can help create a unified organizational identity.

A holistic approach to determining metrics and understanding financial components in M&A transactions

Consultative advisor and execution machine that provides strategic expertise, operational experience, and management support

Tailored HR programs that fit the specific size, stage, and requirements of your business

Targeted towards management consulting and complex business solutions

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