Ariel Tavor


Ariel is the Founder and Principal Managing Director of Lions Financial. His agenda for Lions Financial is to provide his clients a service that maintains the highest professional value. Specializing in the Business-to-Business market has allowed proficient expertise in providing ongoing consulting services in the focus areas of business advisory, capital markets, and risk management. Ariel works with CEO’s, Capital Investment funds, and Boards of Directors where he advises his clients in matters of Executive compensation, Business Plan Design, Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence, and Asset Financing.

 Ariel has 10 years of experience in the financial services industry.  He has worked in insurance and investment companies to analyze client’s financials and make suggestions on allocations based on defined objectives as well as maintaining long term relationships. Ariel’s comprehensive experience has allowed him to work closely with CEOs of companies and their executive teams from diverse industries such as trucking, hospitality, commercial real estate, Insurance, manufacturing, and technology. He has helped lead companies through the challenging decisions around – Buy-Sell Agreements, Deferred Compensation, Employee Group Benefits, Succession Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations, and Business Sales. 

Ariel currently oversees their family office investment group and sits on the Board of Directors of several companies and real estate developments. Their Investment group controls a portfolio of companies in multiple industries. They collaboratively have holdings in companies specialized in – Automotive Distribution- Real Estate Asset Management- Corporate Travel- Ink Mailing Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Enterprise Technology, and Food Concepts. In recent years there has been a transition into fund allocation towards limited partnership investments in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and REITS within individual underwriting opportunities.

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