Professional Alliance Program

Together, we work better

Want to better satisfy and connect with your clients? We offer you one simple and efficient solution – alliance with Lions Financial! We, Lions Financial, can provide custom comprehensive Risk Management and Business Advisory plans for your clients based on their specific needs and requirements.

Our firm’s Professional Alliance Network program endorses a secure environment in which the firm’s clients can find reputable professional services for transacting business activities such as Corporate Structure, Estate Planning, Insurance Purchases, and Capital Investment. Our Professional Alliance Network business model is based on an objective, and extensive due diligence process that attempts to select first class experienced professionals in their fields of expertise; and thereafter, to develop direct “firm to firm” relationships for the benefit of our clients.

With the Professional Alliance Program, you can work with our experienced financial management team to extend your service menu and offer your clients more comprehensive, efficient and convenient services.

The Advantage of Professional Alliance Network

  • Enhance customer loyalty by providing them higher quality experiences and more comprehensive and convenient services.
  • Stand out from your competitors with the extended service options without adding any workload.
  • Expand your consumer base by networking through our alliance.
  • Your safety is ensured Any confidential information during our transaction would remain safely confidential.
  • Reasonable pricing criteria
    • Extensive due diligence process for identifying the best industry pricing for any life insurance and/or mortgage product
    • Disclosing all pricing bids obtained from the industry for any life insurance and/or mortgage product
    • Splitting with the professional the net fees and/or commissions generated on percent arrangement
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