Michael Kikoz

Chief Technology Officer

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at Lions Financial, and leads the Hasmo Consulting division (our technology consulting division) as the Director of Technology and Operations. He focuses on consulting clients in developing operational strategies and providing customized technology solutions for their businesses. At Lions Financial, Michael creates and analyzes business plans and objectives while implementing technology solutions to ensure the company, and our clients meet business goals and objectives. He provides comprehensive systems analysis and enterprise technology design while participating in the planning and execution of the solutions for client initiatives. Michael has worked with clients in the automotive, beauty, energy, financial, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and travel industries.

Before joining Lions Financial, Michael was responsible for IT & Security Administration at Gold Buyers at The Mall, a first to market start up with a 325 (+) store operation with 250 RMU’s and 75 inline locations that employed a staff of 22 District Managers, 2 Regional Managers, and more than 750 employees across 32 states. During his time with the company, he developed compliance and cyber-security strategies & procedures and performed technical evaluations of system infrastructure. He also designed databases and systems to protect against fraud and theft. Furthermore, he implemented advanced reports for the executive team to help with decision-making and loss prevention. Michael was also responsible for server maintenance, and cloud technology implementation for the corporate office and retail stores. In addition to the technical work performed, he assisted the executive team in analyzing and creating an IT and Security budget to achieve the optimal cost targets. This work enriched Michael’s understanding of technology integration for large organizations and provided deep insight into security measures required in a large-scale business environment.

As technology becomes more integrated in day-to-day operations across all industry sectors, the digital landscape is essential for many businesses to succeed.  With experience and understanding of the new technology and tools available in the market today, Michael is able to deliver agile, cutting-edge technology solutions for clients while providing valuable advice on integrated business strategy and operations. Michael also specializes in website and search engine optimization, cloud technology, data analytics, e-commerce, marketing technology, human resources, and project management. 

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