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Keith Yagnik | Lions Financial

Keith Yagnik

OPERATING PARTNER, Business Consulting & Capital Markets

Keith focuses on providing business advisory and capital markets support services. To domestic USA, foreign-based, and multinational clients: both privately and publicly held (including state-owned) client enterprises. Of all sizes: Big, middle-market, small and medium-size.

On the business advisory side: Keith develops optimization plans for clients’ enterprises. And then supports the implementation of these plans. Through all phases of mergers and acquisitions activity: pre-deal, during-deal, post-deal.

On the capital markets side: Keith supports buy-side and sell-side clients’ capital raise, capital deployment, and mergers and acquisitions deal value stewardship initiatives. Through all rounds: from Seed, Series A, B, C, D, E, etc. pre-Initial Public Offer, IPO, and Follow-on Public Offer. To do so, he works with venture capital (including angels and family offices), private equity, and institutional investment providers. Also, debt capital providers: government agency, banks, mezzanine, and mortgage loan providers.

Keith also works with legal, accounting, valuation, and underwriting specialist professionals. Bringing his blend of wide business and financial experience, and focused skills with relevant supporting data.

Prior to joining Lions Financial: Keith enjoyed a 50+ year career as a business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing and business development professional. Starting out as a freshly minted MBA entry-level management trainee. Then rising through the ranks. To Chief Executive Officer and President. Keith worked on the client, agency, and marketing services provider side. He has worked in 28 countries worldwide. And has category experience across multiple industry sectors: including airlines, automotive, consumer packaged goods, energy, financial services (retail and commercial banks, credit and charge cards, insurance, real estate), health and beauty aids, healthcare (biotech, pharmaceutical, medical devices and diagnostic products, insurance payers, hospitals and clinics, pharmacies), hospitality (hotels  and resorts), liquor, media and publishing (broadcast, Internet, print), retail (including e-tail), technology (hardware and software, telecommunications).

Keith pivoted to focus on financial services over the past 12+ years, starting out at MetLife, then New York Life, to Lions Financial.

Keith is a graduate of Bombay Scottish High School, an academically elite private school. And the University of Mumbai. His undergraduate studies focused on economics with statistics as his major. And his graduate studies focused on marketing with finance. Then, over the course of his career, Keith subsequently got various post-graduate professional certificates and licenses. Including advanced marketing, account planning, media planning and buying, negotiation skills, insurance, and investments.

Keith is a 30+ year resident on the Upper East Side, Manhattan.

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