Risk Management

Businesses face many risks as do the individuals operating those companies, to successfully achieve company’s objectives, risk management should be at the center of planning. Risk is identified as the uncertainty of an event or the potential consequences. Risk management is the practice of identifying, assessing and making strategical plans to mitigate the uncertainty. With Risk Management planning it helps you allocate assets more effectively, improve the decision-making and minimize potential for a loss. To deal with risks, you can consider transferring it, which is usually done by insurance products. Under this circumstance, choosing the right insurance plan to protect against the risk is essential.

How We Work?

Lions Financial follows several steps to help clients in effective risk management services:

Step 1: Execute standard survey and have deep insight of clients’ situation

Step 2: Identify and uncover the risk that may affect outcome

Step 3: • Evaluate or rank the risk

• Determine the risk magnitude

• Identify likelihood and Consequence

• Evaluate risk tolerance

Step 4: Assess the highest ranked risk

Step 5: Create plan and a strategy to treat the risk

Step 6: Implement method and provide actionable product

Step 7: Monitor and review the risk

Services We Provide

  • Premium Financing
Premium Financing is a strategy with third-party financing lenders to pay for life insurance policy premiums. Learn More
  • Key Person Coverage
Key person covers the life of the employee who is crucial to the success of business. This insurance helps reimburse a business for economic loss when an important employee is not able to function in business. Learn More
  • Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
A Professional employer organization in outsourcing company which provides comprehensive human resource service to small and medium size companies. Learn More

Client We Work with

  • Entrepreneurially-run and privately-held
  • Sole proprietor, family-owned or partner-owned
  • Founded at least three years, generating annual revenue between $3 million -$50 million and in growth mode

Capital Provider We Partner with*

  • Investment banks
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Capital advisory firms
  • Accredited investor platforms
  • Specialty finance firms
  • Commercial banks
*LAF supports registered FINRA/SIPC members in good standing, and who are SEC compliant

Industry We Focus on

  • Automotive and trucking
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Hospitality
  • Retail & E-tail
  • Financial Services
  • Bio-pharmaceuticals + Healthcare
  • Marketing + Advertising
  • Engineering/Renewable Energy
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