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Are you planning to sell your business? Do you want to ensure you get the best value for your business and avoid costly mistakes in the process? Look no further than Lions Financial Consulting Services.
Selling a business requires careful planning and execution to ensure you get the best possible value. Lions Financial Consulting Services offers comprehensive consulting and advice to help you highlight the value your company has to offer upon sale. We will guide you through each step of the business exit process, addressing important issues that require close attention. We apply the Four-step SIRE process to create value for you, including survey, insight, recommendation, and execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial documentation is required to define the current value in the sale price. The areas that need to be focused on include a balance sheet, operating expenses, cost of sales analysis, current valuation, revenue, market valuation, market share, brand value, market perception of the company, product segmentation, industry growth trends, customer demographics, operational efficiency, management style, qualifications and experience of the top management, the amount of accounts business has, and the current relationship between the business and its customers.
The target audience is business owners who are looking to prepare their company for a sale, as well as executives such as the President, CFO, and COO of larger companies.
We employ a rigorous due diligence process that arms you with comprehensive data and insights, thereby strengthening your negotiation position. Our team is well-versed in complex deal structures, including but not limited to earn-outs, seller financing, and equity rollovers, aiming to secure the most favorable terms for our clients.
We adopt a multifaceted approach that blends quantitative analysis with strategic foresight. Among the key strategies we utilize are: Business Valuation: Leveraging discounted cash flow models, comparable company analysis, and other sophisticated valuation techniques to ascertain the true worth of your enterprise. Risk Mitigation: Evaluating existing business risks and developing robust frameworks to mitigate them, thus enhancing the attractiveness of your business to potential buyers. Financial Engineering: Implementing complex financial structures like leveraged buyouts or employee stock ownership plans to optimize the tax efficiency of the exit process. Strategic Positioning: Aligning your business operations with prevailing market trends and future forecasts to increase your company’s competitive edge at the time of sale.
Risk mitigation is integral to our approach. Through advanced risk assessment models, we identify potential vulnerabilities in the deal structure, such as earn-outs, contingencies, and indemnities. We also employ dynamic hedging strategies to protect against market volatility that could impact the value of transaction proceeds. Our Business Advisory services offer proactive management of stakeholder relations, ensuring a seamless transition that maintains business continuity.
Absolutely, our Capital Markets team specializes in identifying accretive acquisition opportunities that align with your strategic objectives. We employ a proprietary screening process that assesses potential targets based on multiple criteria, including financial stability, market synergies, and growth potential. Once a suitable target is identified, we manage the entire acquisition process, ensuring that value is not just preserved but exponentially maximized

Access to experienced advisors who specialize in business exits and sales across various sectors

Comprehensive consulting and advice on highlighting the value your company has to offer upon sale and a tailored business exit strategy and potential solutions for your company

Independent firm that presents multiple structures and access to different capital providers to help identify the best option for sale

Execution of the chosen strategy with professional experience, integration of technology, and understanding of industry compliance and regulatory requirements

Optimize your financial performance – Let's work together to achieve your goals.

Contact Lions Financial Consulting Services for an initial consultation and let us help you develop the optimal financial solutions for success in selling your business.
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