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Lions Financial is an independent, fee-based, Business Consulting and Risk Management Firm which provides services in business consulting, risk management and capital markets.

Currently, we mainly focus on Automotive & Trucking, Commercial Real Estate, Hospitality, Retail and eCommerce, Financial Services, Marketing and Advertising, Biopharmaceuticals and Healthcare, Engineering and Infrastructure, Energy and “Green” Energy and Manufacturing and Logistics.

In business consulting, we provide business plan creation, human resources consulting, management consulting, and technology consulting. 

In risk management, we provide deferred compensation, buy-sell agreements, risk management, employee group benefits, executive compensation, key person coverage, estate planning, premium financing, professional employer organizations.

In capital markets, we provide business exits and sales, commercial real estate financing, due diligence and valuation process and mergers and acquisitions.

Four-Step SIRE© Process​

A closed-loop, value-focused, four-step SIRE© work-process for each of our services:

  • Step 1: Survey – Assessment and evaluation about specific business situations and objectives.
  • Step 2: Insight – Identify the unique competency, skills, and current business value to provide potential solutions.
  • Step 3: Recommend – Tailor customized strategy and actionable planning for the business to maintain long-term value.
  • Step 4: Execute Facilitate implementation of strategy and plan with Executives, Investment Capital, Legal and Tax professionals.
  • Level A: Retainer. For client’s who see value in retaining us for a project  
  • Level B: Subscription: For client’s who see value in subscribing to our service on a month-to-month basis 
  • Level C: Hourly. For client’s who prefer to engage us on a project-by-project basis at our regular hourly rate.
  • Level D: Product Solution – Compensation is based on financial product purchased
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