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Due diligence and Valuation of a company is part of an examination which provides reasonable investigation on important matters and qualifies the financial value of a business. It helps to have a holistic approach when determining the metrics that are being utilized in understanding business and financial components in important transactions like Mergers and Acquisitions.  

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Lions Financial is equal parts consultative advisor and execution machine. We excel at providing the right blend of strategic expertise, operational experiance, and management support to help you elevate the HR function in your company and deliver a world-class total benefits experience.


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Our senior HR consultants can work with your HR or leadership team around any short or long-term needs that arise as your organization grows.

understanding your industry

We’ve drawn on our experience working with various companies in multiple sectors to offer a variety of guidance that can either stand it's own or as part of a larger engagement.

determining your goals

We can create or refine any HR program so that it fits your size, stage, and specific requirements, and is built to scale as needed. For most engagements we’ll do an assessment, create a map of recommended areas of focus, and work with you on the creation and roll-out of solutions.
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What is the work-process Lions Financial uses?

A closed-loop, value-focused, four-step SIRE© work-process for each of our services:

Step 1: Survey

Assessment and evaluation about specific business situation and objectives.

Step 2: Insight

Identify the unique competency, skills, and current business value to provide potential solutions.

Step 3: Recommend

Tailor customized strategy and actionable planning for the business to maintain long-term value.

Step 4: Execute

Implementation of strategy and plan with Executives, Investment Capital, Legal and Tax professionals.
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

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A typical advisory and solution firm is specialized in only one of the following four wealth management disciplines. A boutique firm often focuses on just one sub-category. However, Lions Financial collaborates, closely, with our clients and their various other trusted professionals to better orchestrate wealth management solutions on a holistic basis. We take into consideration all four inextricably linked wealth management aspects for your business. 

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