• 董事和官员保险




  1. A面:保护你的董事和官员的个人资产,为你的领导因公司不赔偿他们的索赔而造成的损失提供保障。
  2. B面:保护公司免受因公司对高管或董事提出的索赔进行赔偿而造成的损失
  3. C面:保护公司免受直接针对公司的证券索赔所造成的损失。


Managers of an enterprise are exposed to considerable risks. That exposure extends to the company?s capital and potentially personal assets. Managers can be held personally liable for improper action, even if mistakes were not made by another person on the team.


The policy terms are the most critical components to a public company?s D&O insurance program placement. Maximizing coverage in the event of a claim is rooted in contract certainty and broadest and best-in-class terms and conditions. Experienced D&O practitioners can protect from debilitating coverage gaps and exclusions. It takes an IPO-experienced and detail-oriented brokerage tactician to obtain critical coverage enhancements. Coverage topics such as straddle claims, definition of loss and D&O exclusions can be the difference between maximizing policy proceeds and an outright claim denial.


Public company D&O insurance can be markedly different in structure than private company D&O insurance. Two very common examples include the separation of limits and the addition of dedicated Side A difference in conditions (?DIC?) insurance. There are structural considerations, such as entity investigative coverage, the inclusion of DIC limits within the ?A/B/C? tower and the decision to run-off prior coverage or maintain continuity of a program.


Limits selection can be influenced by various factors, including: expected offering size, market cap, industry risk factors, historical claims activity, merger & acquisition exposure, bankruptcy risk, a company?s risk retention capacity, limits availability relative to budget and board directives.