Buy-Sell Agreement Services for Business Owners

Are you a business owner seeking to protect your financial interests and plan for the future value of your shares?
Lions Financial specializes in creating comprehensive Buy-Sell Agreements tailored to your business’s unique needs and goals.
Lions Financial is committed to empowering business owners, ranging from family-run enterprises to major corporations, in fortifying their financial security. Our approach involves a collaborative effort with your legal counsel to meticulously develop Buy-Sell Agreements, designed to protect your vested interests and equip you for any unexpected business challenges. Tailored to cater to the diverse needs of both small business owners and large-scale corporate entities, our services are uniquely crafted to align with your specific requirements. We provide expert guidance through the intricate landscape of Buy-Sell Agreements, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all potential scenarios. A critical aspect of our service is assisting you in understanding and selecting the most suitable funding strategies for your agreement. Our options encompass a variety of financial solutions, including investment capital, sinking funds, loans, and insurance financing, all aimed at securing and sustaining your business’s financial health.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Buy-Sell Agreement is a legally binding contract among business owners that outlines procedures for transferring ownership in scenarios like death, disability, or sale of interest.
These agreements define who can buy a shareholder’s stock, the valuation of shares, payment terms, and how to manage the transfer of ownership.
There are several forms, including Entity Buy-Sell, Cross-Purchase Buy-Sell, and Partnership Administration Succession Strategy (PASS).

Personalized financial strategies for family businesses to large corporations.

Joint efforts with attorneys to craft robust Buy-Sell Agreements.

Navigating complex scenarios with thorough Buy-Sell Agreement planning.

Diverse financial options including investment capital, sinking funds, and insurance financing.

Optimize your financial performance – Let's work together to achieve your goals.

Don’t leave your business’s financial future to chance. Contact Lions Financial for an initial consultation and secure a Buy-Sell Agreement that aligns with your business objectives and offers peace of mind.
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