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Business consulting is a service that focuses on creating a strategic plan to achieve business objectives. Nowadays, organizations are facing a dynamic market and prefer to find advisory services to help them develop the business. The business advisory team can help clients quickly adapt to the evolving technologies, business situation, customer expectations, and understand the employee benefit preference.  In this way the organization can achieve competitive advantages, retain key employees, and become more efficient with the help from professional advisory, transforming the challenge into new opportunities and shape a new future. 

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How We Work

Become forward-thinking organization and agile to future change, together with Lions Financial business advisory service. We follow following basic steps to help client in effective business advisory services:

 Step 1
Arrange a meeting to generally understand business situation

Step 2:
Discuss on facts and figures

Step 3: 
Identify client objectives

Step 4: 
Analyze the current threat and opportunities

Step 5: 
Select most actionable solution with our tax and legal professional

Step 6:
Document all the finding and the strategical plan

Step 7: 
Work with the client to execute the plan

Step 8:
Review each step during whole process

Step 9:
Follow up with organization to make sure of success achievement

Services We Provide

  • Business Planning

A well-designed plan lays out a vision of growth, important factors involved, and the steps needed to get there. Learn More

  • Buy-sell Agreement

The buy-sell agreement is the document that spells out how the business is purchased and sold with the solutions to different issues that can arise during a business lifecycle. Learn More

  • Deferred Compensation

To retain key employees, companies can consider offering non-qualified deferred compensation plans. Learn More

  • Group Benefit Solution

The employees are one of the greatest business assets, and the benefits company offer them can become another. Learn More

  • Executive Compensation Strategies

Executive compensation plan is designed to build incentive for executive to achieve company success. Learn More

  • Succession Planning

Succession planning, also known as “replacement planning,” ensures that businesses continue to run smoothly after a company’s most important people move on to new opportunities, retire or pass away. Learn More

Client We Work with

  • Entrepreneurially-run and privately-held
  • Sole proprietor, family-owned or partner-owned
  • Founded at least three years, generating annual revenue between $3 million -$50 million and in growth mode

Capital Provider We Partner with

  • Investment banks
  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital firms
  • Capital advisory firms
  • Accredited investor platforms
  • Specialty finance firms
  • Commercial banks

*LAF supports registered FINRA/SIPC members in good standing, and who are SEC compliant

Industry We Focus on

    1. Automotive and trucking  
    2. Commercial Real Estate  
    3. Hospitality             
    4. Retail & E-tail
    5. Financial Services
    6. Bio-pharmaceuticals + Healthcare
    7. Marketing + Advertising
    8. Engineering/Renewable Energy
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